The Tech Leader Masters programme… strategic IT leadership at the highest level

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This intensive 14 day Tech Leader Masters Programme is designed for those who wish to perform effectively at the highest levels of tech-industry leadership. Specifically for those who have completed the The Tech Leader Intermediate Programme, The Tech Leader Masters Programme is built around advanced NLP and is essential training for ambitious individuals with a desire to lead at senior management, executive and board level.

Who is this course for?

This intensive training course is designed specifically for those students who have already completed The Tech Leader Intermediate Programme. The course will benefit team managers, directors, tech geeks, coaches and mentors. In fact anyone who desires to create and implement change through improved performance, communication, self-awareness and understanding of others.

Course Details

14 Days (with break mid-course)

The Tech Leader Masters Programme consists of two elements – a review of The Tech Leader Intermediate Programme (already undertaken by attendees) and live The Tech Leader Masters Programme (which includes assessment and certification).

In addition to this is pre and post-course training support to ensure that you fully achieve your goals and have a well formed personal development programme in place.

On attending the live training, your Trainer Michelle will begin with a full review of the Intermediate Course, which attendees will already have undertaken, before beginning the more advanced The Tech Leader Masters Programme.

The course content is structured, from intermediate to advanced, and each subject builds on the previous one. Every technique is clearly demonstrated so that you can successfully practise them with fellow course delegates, with the support of your Trainer and Training Assistants.

During the course you will be assessed for certification against the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

At the end of The Tech Leader Masters Programme, we will review your goals with you, to ensure that they have been fully met. We will then encourage you to set new and more challenging goals in order to take your development further. We also offer the opportunity for you to work with us as a Training Assistant on future trainings, to progress your development further still.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most functional, outcome oriented process for detecting, understanding and controlling your conscious and unconscious thinking. The subjects taught will show you how to use this for yourself and others, for personal use and as an integral part of your professional growth.


  • A review of the modules covered in the NLP Practitioner Course (which all attendees will have undertaken).
  • Integration of NLP and quantum physics.
  • Integration of NLP and Cartesian Logic.
  • Quantum thinking skills.
  • Quantum linguistic language patterns.
  • 16 sleight of mouth language patterns.
  • Advanced utilisation of language.
  • Meta programs – the basis of personality.
  • Personal values – elicitation and alignment.
  • Advanced strategies – elicitation and installation.
  • Advanced parts integration.
  • Prime concerns – resolving issues at the deep unconscious.
  • Advanced submodalities.
  • Compulsion blowout.
  • Designer Swish Pattern.
  • Allergy Clearing Technique.
  • Logical levels of therapy.
  • Presentations skills – theory and application.
  • The 4Mat Training System.
  • Modeling – theory and application.
  • Board break.
  • Personal breakthrough session.

The Tech Leader Academy Masters Certificate
Accredited by The American Board Of NLP




West Midlands
B1 1AA

Venue to be confirmed prior to course commencement.

Additional Information

Accommodation is available locally should you wish to stay close to the course venue. Just ask us for details.

Payment plans are available on request.