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Welcome to The Tech Leader Academy

Creating IT leaders that build and inspire!

Welcome to The Tech Leader Academy, world class training for ambitious and motivated tech industry professionals creating IT Leaders who build and inspire others. Whether your goal is personal development, career acceleration, or both, The Tech Leader Academy is your catalyst for positive change. If you currently work within IT or the broader tech industry arena, then our cutting-edge courses were developed specifically for you.

Maybe you aspire to become a future leader? Or perhaps you are currently positioned as a leader, but have your sights set on advancement within your organisation? If so, then our unique results-driven training system has been designed with you in mind. Using tools, techniques and proven processes developed over 20 years, The Tech Leader Academy will educate, motivate and inspire you to perform and succeed way beyond your own expectations.

Proven tech leadership starts right here

Strong leaders, real difference makers, and people who leave their mark on the world of IT-driven business have one thing in common: They Inspire Success. They’re the glue that holds an organisation together. At The Tech Leader Academy, our mission is to produce effective IT leaders that can set and deliver objectives within their, inspire others, and help guide their organisation and staff to sustainable success.

Our Tech Leader Programmes will benefit you by…

Creating a culture of employee engagement through excellent management and coaching 

Improving communication and collaboration

Accelerating cross-team KPI, goal and target achievement

Enhancing team dynamics and relationships

Our unique approach to training Tech Leaders

Our proven strategy is like nothing you have experienced before and is the foundation that all of our training programmes are built on. Together we will create a clear vision of your personal and professional goals, so that you fully understand exactly what it is you want, the direction you should be headed and the specific steps you need to take to get there.

At The Tech Leader Academy, we will identify those hidden obstacles that continue to slow your progress, or may be sabotaging your ability to make the necessary changes in your life and your career. And at the end of your training course, we guarantee that you will leave us feeling renewed, re-motivated and newly inspired to finally achieve the goals and successes you have always hoped for.

The Tech Leader Academy


“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily feel comfortable going, but ought to be.”

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NLP Foundation Course

The Tech Leader

This entry-level bootcamp provides the perfect introduction to Coaching staff, increasing emotional awareness and communication skills and delivering the tools and techniques that will begin to change your life. Learn to create a mindset for success by adopting techniques used by the world’s highest achievers.

The Tech Leader

An intensive 5 day bootcamp designed to take you to the next level of effective tech leadership… and beyond. The Tech Leader Intermediate Course will leave you with the tools you need to rise as a successful leader in the tech industry arena.

The Tech Leader

An advanced 14 day bootcamp for those who wish to perform strategically at the highest levels of tech-industry leadership. The Masters Course is built around advanced NLP and essential for those with a desire to lead at senior management level.

The Tech Leader

For those who’ve completed Masters training, The Tech Leader Trainers Programme is the opportunity for you to train and coach your business yourself. By learning cutting-edge training techniques, you will soon begin to create future leaders within your own corporate structure.

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