Our Strategy

If you’re looking for a traditional system of training for conventional ‘inside the box’ people, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’re in the wrong place. But don’t worry, those ‘traditional’ trainers are ten-a-penny, so you won’t have to look far to find one. But if you’re open to a less conventional form of training, one that’s very much ‘outside the box’, with a focus on permanent results and you are a current or future IT Leader who builds and inspires others… then The Tech Leader Academy is for you!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with ‘traditional’ trainers and many of them achieve great results with their ‘conventional’ clients. But their training methods are often less successful when applied to tech-driven people like you. Why? Because techies think, plan, rationalise and communicate in a very different way. How do we know? Because we are successful tech leaders ourselves.

At The Tech Leader Academy, all of our trainers have successful corporate backgrounds themselves. We have all literally been there, done it and earned the t-shirt.

We understand people like you, because we are like you. And we are dedicated to training IT and tech-driven individuals who aspire to become influential leaders and masters of their own worlds. Through proven consulting, training and mentoring, we will inform and guide you through the changes that you need to make in order for you to achieve your desired outcomes and get the very best from yourself and the broader team around you.

We pride ourselves on our results, and are ready to help you to grab your future in both hands and to succeed well beyond your own beliefs.

The Tools and Techniques needed to become an IT Leader who builds and inspires others

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a behavioural technology. It is a set of guiding principles, attitudes and techniques focused around real-life behaviour. NLP allows you to modify, adopt or eliminate behaviours as desired, allowing you to choose your physical, mental and emotional states of well-being. NLP enables you to learn and grow from every single life experience, increasing your ability to make the right choices and create a better quality of life for yourself.

NLP is a proven pragmatic technology based on the ability to produce your desired results, thus allowing you to become increasingly successful at engineering your own future. If you want to have more choices when it comes to your emotions and your behaviour, to improve your relationships and the way you communicate, to create better results through more focused thinking, then NLP is for you.

NLP can provide you with a step-by-step framework for achieving your personal and professional goals. It creates a lasting transformation; one that will stay with you for your entire life. The reason that so many students of The Tech Leader Academy have been so successful is because they have applied NLP to their daily lives, using it to achieve the sort of consistent results that most only dream of.

Learning these tools and techniques will expand your emotional intelligence, really understand how you and other people tick, how to motivate and influence others, increase confidence and a whole heap of other useful attributes you will need as an IT Leader who builds and inspires others.


We don’t just stop at training!

Where The Tech Leader Academy works with to create current and future IT Leaders who build and inspire others, The Geek Coach provides coaching using the same tools and techniques, to assist you resolve any problems you may have through the Hack Your Neural Networks programmes and coaching for IT Service Providers.

Michelle Coombs

Academy Founder & Principal Trainer

Michelle Coombs has over 20 years of experience within the IT sector. She has worked for both IT service providers and with small to multi-national businesses with IT at the core of their operations.

Despite a strong technical and process background, Michelle’s passion has always been people and how to get the very best from them. How to transform ‘doers’ into leaders and to get them to perform successfully at the highest levels. And so The Tech Leader Academy was born.

Michelle is an experienced IT Leader and consultant, coach, mentor and NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. She is focused on working closely with IT Professionals, Leaders and Service Providers, helping them to significantly improve their levels of communication, deliverability and performance.

The Academy’s unique style of results-driven training continues to act as a catalyst for leadership advancement in the IT industry, effecting positive personal development in people and improved commercial performance in IT centric businesses.

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Certifications Offered

In addition to The Tech Leader Academy certifications for Coaching, Foundation, Intermediate and Masters Programmes, our courses are also accredited by The American Board Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The American Board Of Hypnotherapy, both of which are internationally recognised.